Primanti’s Stuffed Sandwich

August 18, 2009

primanti's Stuffed Sandwich

primanti's Stuffed Sandwich

Primanti Brothers: This place had the great idea of putting the sides that they would normally serve with the sandwich and instead putting them in the sandwich and hence the original stuffed sandwich. Now this is a great Crazy Eats idea for those on the go and makes me want to try it myself. I bet we have all made sandwiches where we put potato chips or something else our mom’s packed for lunch, inside of the sandwich instead of eating it on the side. They have over 20 mega sized sandwiches on the menu that range from the fish & cheese to Black Angus top sirloin steak & cheese.

If the sandwich is still not big enough for you you can get it with double the meat, an extra egg, and of course extra cheese. Think this is how I will get mine when I finally get to try out this Pittsburgh treasure. All of these sandwiches are served up hot, so the cheese is all melted and gooie, just the way we like it. The kicker for all this is that they don’t serve it up on regular sliced bread or even a roll, they put it all on hand slice Italian bread. The slices for these sandwiches are the type of slices you would make for yourself were you making yourself a sandwich, nice and thick.

Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin

Address: 48 18 Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: (412)263-2142


note: as seen on Man vs Food on the Travel Channel

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