72 oz Steak Challenge

August 13, 2009

72 oz Steak

72 oz Steak

The Big Texan: This is one of the original challenges and it is a classic that defeats  5 out of 6 that have the stomach to try it. I love steak but I couldn’t imagine eating a 4 ½ LB steak in an hour plus a shrimp cocktail, dinner salad, baked potato, and a roll. That is just insane. Reminds me of the Ole 96er from the move “The Great Outdoors” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095253/

This all started when there was contest held for cowboys to see who could eat the most 1LB steaks, they each put $5 into a hat to go to the winner. The winner ate 4 ½  plus the shrimp cocktail, salad, potato, and roll. The owner decided that if anyone could match it they would eat for free. And so was born the challenge.

They have had a little old 69yr old grandma finish it off and the record is held by competitive eater Joey Chestnut, who ate it in 8 minutes 52 seconds. He is inhuman! There have even been people who have eaten 2 in the hour. That is SO much food that it makes my head hurt, but hey, that is some Crazy Eats.

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note: as seen on Man v Food on the Travel Channel