This blog is dedicated to the wonderful world of eating out and enjoying truly unique, or crazy, experience. I love going to places where they have something that is just out of the ordinary, whether it is the waiters/waitresses or servings that are beyond large. Think of when you were first told about a place and your reaction was simply “that is crazy!”  Every time I watch shows like Man vs Food on the Travel Channel or Drive-In’s, Diner’s, and Dive’s on the Food Network, I think about where is there a site that has compiled all for these great places so that I can visit them and share my finds as well.  So I have to decided to create one, This blog is the pre-launch step that will allow me to post my finds as I scourer the internet to find these places of crazy eats and then allow my fellow crazy eaters to post their favorite places to visit. I am going to start with the ones that can have been visited by the TV shows and then I will keep looking for more great places. I am looking for your help to find the places that truly are Crazy Eats.

-Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin