XL 28″ Party Pizza

September 9, 2009

New York Pizzeria 28" Party Pizza

New York Pizzeria 28" Party Pizza

New York Pizzeria: This place looks like your normal New York theme pizzerias with the pictures of New York and famous New Yorkers on the wall but there is something crazy here.  I went into this place the other day to get some of their great New York style thin crust pizza to go. We were talking to the waitress trying to decide what pizza we wanted when we looked over and saw one of the cooks pull out this huge pizza from the oven. We looked at the pizza and our first reaction was “that is some crazy eats!” This was their XL 28” Party Pizza.

You can get this crazy sized pizza to go or eat it there but the best part is that this pizza is delicious. They are not just making a crazy sized pizza for the fun of it but they are making some great pizza. The parents of the waitress who helped us are true New Yorkers and she told us that it is the best New York pizza that she has ever had outside of NYC, so that is a good sign. Just like a good Italian restaurant you get some great breadsticks, which are delicious and are made from the pizza dough, with some olive oil to dip it in. They have a menu full of great Italian food, which I will have to try out soon, if you are not in the mood for pizza. Don’t want a whole pizza? then get the giant pizza by the, but this is like eating 2/3 of a medium pizza so only get one slice, maybe even to share. If you and your friends want to try and eat a giant 28 inch pizza this is the place to go.

Justin “Crazy Eats” Lallatin



They have multiple locations in the Houston, TX area.