Eagle’s Challenge

September 23, 2009

Eagle's Challenge

Eagle's Challenge

Eagle’s Deli: This place is becoming a Boston institution that all Bostonians have to try. It is already well known amongst the Boston College crowd as the place to come if you have a HUGE appetite and want a burger. So some places just make a really big patty (See the Kookamonga) but Eagle’s Deli is one of those places that makes a standard ½ Lb patty and then stacks them higher and higher. They stack them all the way up to the Eagles Challenge which is 8 patties on one burger. That is crazy! Eagle’s deli has a saga on how the Eagle’s Challenge came into existence and it all started when the owner of Eagles Deli decided to make a double burger and called it the Godzilla Burger.

Now that is more than enough burger for me but not for Eagle’s Deli and so they doubled it to create the Cowabunga Burger with 2 Lb of meat and it is also server up with 2 Lb of fries. Now who was the first person to eat this burger is lost to time but Eagle’s Deli decided to make an even bigger burger at 3 Lb with 5 Lb of fries which was polished off by Shawn Reilly and then Paul Jones finished off the 4 Lb burger with 5 Lb of fries. And so we arrive at the 5 Lb Eagle’s Challenge with 5 Lb of fries. So far no one has yet to finish this behemoth but it will be named after the first person who does. To give you an idea of how great of a task this is lets get an idea of what people are attempting to eat, the Eagle’s Challenge is 5 Lb of Burger, 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon, a giant pickle, and 5 Lb of fries. This is about 12 Lb of food! Over 1,500 have tried, none has succeeded.

Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin



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