Hell Fire Challenge

September 18, 2009

Hell Fire Challenge

Hell Fire Challenge

SmokeEaters Hot Wings: Now eating something that is super spicy is one thing but restaurants are taking their challenges to the next level of craziness by adding another rule by having you wait for a certain amount of time without doing anything to ease the heat. That is just crazy!!! At SmokeEaters you can start with their entry level mild wings and work your way up through 6 other levels of heat all the way to the #7 Inferno. Now I will never even attempt the Inferno but if you are a real fire eater and want some more heat they have the Hell Fire Challenge. This crazy eats challenge is eating 12 wings that are equal to 6 habeneros in 10 minutes plus an 5 minute wait time before napkin or beverage.

This challenge is not even on the menu and so you have to be in the know to tackle the Hell Fire wings. The base for the Hell Fire sauce is the inferno sauce, which starts with their homemade sauce plus barbecue sauce, duck sauce (never heard of that!), a ton of dried cayenne pepper, 4 oz of dried habenero. For the Hell Fire Challenge they add even more dried habenero to bring the total to 6 oz! Oh did I mention that you have to lick all the sauce off of your fingers before they will even start the 5 minute waiting period. Of course they have you sign a waiver first and the final line on this states in bold print that you are admitting that you are an idiot. Got to love it.

Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin



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