Stepping Stone Cafe

Stepping Stone Cafe

Stepping Stone Cafe: I personally love breakfast, a big hearty breakfast, so this place is my kind of place. Their breakfasts are huge and they have been serving them up like this since 1948. All of the things look so good that I wouldn’t know where to start. If you want pancakes, you can get their Mancakes and you are looking a stack of 3 13″ pancakes that are so big that they literally don’t fit on the plate, which is some Crazy Eats. The Mancakes come in buttermilk or whole wheat and you can even add blueberries if you want. If you finish the entire stack of 3 mancakes they will put your picture up on the wall of shame.

Other options are to get the biscuits and sausage gravy which again fill the entire plate and locals say that the gravy is the best in town or how about some delicious steak and eggs. Now I have never been a steak and eggs guy because I am very picky about steak, but this place may yet convert me. One of their most popular breakfasts is the Smothered B.A. Omlete that weighs in at 2 LB and is loaded with chicken fried steak, hash browns, onions, jalopenos, and cheddar cheese then covered with sausage gravy. Now that sounds like a breakfast that I could dig into.

Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin

Address: 2390 NW Quimby Street, Portland, OR 97210

Phone: (503)222-1132


note: as seen on Man vs Food on the Travel Channel