Texas Donut

September 15, 2009

Texas Donut

Texas Donut

Round Rock Donuts: We all have our guilty pleasures and for me there is none is bigger than donuts! I love donuts and many times that I have gone to the store looking for something to eat and just bought 3 donuts with some chocolate milk. Round Rock Donuts has such good donuts that they were listed as one of the 10 best donut shops in the country by MSN city guides. The donuts here are made with farm fresh eggs and yeast which makes them light and fluffy and people have come to love their donuts. They are so busy that even though the store closes at 3pm during the week, there is a drive thru that is open until 9pm.

Now while being a donut shop rated as one of the best in the country may qualify them for crazy eats for me, they still have to meet the criteria. Everyone has heard that everything is bigger in Texas and this donut truly is and so they have named it the Texas Donut. It is so big that they use a bucket to cut it and regular donut cutters for the hole, so could you call a regular donut a Texas Donut Hole? This is the perfect name for a donut that is 14 inches in diameter and that weighs over 2 LBS. That is a crazy donut and some crazy eats! I think I am going to go out and get a donut right now.

Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin



Address: 106 W. Liberty, Round Rock, Texas 78664

Phone: 512-255-3629

Map: http://tr.im/yO1W