The Dagwood Challenge

August 26, 2009

The Dagwood Sandwich

The Dagwood Sandwich

Ohio Deli: One of my favorite comic strips is Blondie and I always get a kick out of the huge sandwiches that Dagwood Bumstead, the main character, makes. These sandwiches were not the type of sandwiches you normally see, in that they were made on sliced bread not on a big roll and so they were tall, not long. Well the Ohio Deli has decided that it needed to bring this sandwich to life with it’s Dagwood challenge.

Now instead of sliced bread they use part of a roll, which it is very necessary to have an upper and lower crust if you are trying to handle a sandwich this big. The Dagwood is a LB cold-cut sandwich that is served with a 1 LB of fries. Over 2,000 people have tried to eat it in 30 minutes but roughly 400 have succeeded and had their pictures posted on the wall.

The Dagwood is made with 7oz of smoked turkey, 7oz of Virginia ham, 7 oz of roast sirloin, swiss and american cheese, veggies, and roasted garlic mayo. They then slice it in half so you get this beautiful layering effect that would make Dagwood Bumstead proud to have a sandwich named after him and that makes it some crazy eats. If in the 30 minutes you defeat it you will get a t-shirt to declare it to the world.

Justin “Crazy Eater” Lallatin

Address: 3444 S High Street, Columbus, OH 43207

Phone: (614) 497-0577


note: as seen on Man vs Food on the Travel Channel